Sherry Karver standing in her studio

photo by Chris Hardy

Sherry Karver is not a traditional artist. She has explored art since childhood, and approaches it from her own perspective.

She is a mid-career artist, born and raised in Chicago, IL, and received her B.A. from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and her MFA from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

Her background is in ceramic sculpture and she taught college level ceramics for many years while her own work evolved into photography and photo-based painting around 2000.

Sherry is not afraid to combine her photography with oil painting, narrative text, and resin surface on wood panels to create a new hybrid, as in her Identity and Perception series.

Most recently she has her photographs made into jigsaw puzzles that she then deconstructs and combines with oil paint and resin surface in the Missing Pieces of the Puzzle series.

In her Movement Interrupted series Sherry uses data corruption glitches photographed from her TV screen to create unique unaltered photos that are printed as dye sublimation on metal.

Her work has been exhibited extensively, and she has had over 25 solo exhibitions including the Oceanside Museum of Art, CA, the Morris Graves Museum, Eureka, CA, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art, Santa Cruz, CA, and the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame, CA to mention just a few.

Her work is in over 175 private, corporate, and museum collections, and is represented by several galleries across the country.

Sherry lives in Oakland, California with her husband, poet and novelist Jerry Ratch.



Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, IL
Stremmel Gallery, Reno, Nevada
Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle, Washington
A Gallery, Allen+Alan Fine Art, Salt Lake City, UT

M.F.A. Tulane University, Newcomb School of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana
B.A. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


Laney College, Oakland, California, Art Instructor
Chabot College, Hayward, California, Art Instructor
University of California, Berkeley, California, Art Instructor, A.S.U.C. Studio
California State University, Chico, California, Assistant Professor, Art Dept.
San Diego State University, San Diego, California, Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Visiting Instructor, Art Dept.
Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, Art Instructor, Glass technician

2025 Upcoming Sasse Museum of Art, Pomona, California
2022 Evanston Art Center, Evanston, Illinois
2019 Stremmel Gallery, Reno, Nevada
2018 Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, California
2017 Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee
Susan Lanoue Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
2015 Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California
Susan Lanoue Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
2014 Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, England
Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2013 Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York
Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece
2011 Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York
Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, California
2010 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California
2009 Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York
2008 Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California
Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York
Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington
2007 Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, California
Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, California,
2006 Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California
2005 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington
2004 LewAllen Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Kidder Smith Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
Sue Greenwood Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, California
2003 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington
2002 LewAllen Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2001 Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington
2000 LewAllen Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Olga Dollar Gallery, San Francisco, California
1999 LewAllen Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1998 Olga Dollar Gallery, San Francisco, California
2024 George Billis Gallery, New York, New York
Sasse Museum of Art, Online "Art of the Word", Pomona, California
East Bay Photo Collective, Oakland, California
Arc Gallery, Curated by Karen Gutfreund, San Francisco, California
Juniper Rag, Unbound Virtual Exhibition
2023 Bedford Gallery, Lesher Art Center, Walnut Creek, California
2022             Triton Museum Of Art, Santa Clara, California
Experimenta- The Other Photography, Loosenart, Rome, Italy
Bay Area Photo Collective, Oakland, California
Techspressionism: Digital and Beyond, Southampton Arts Center, New York
2021             Crocker Kingsley Exhibition, Blue Line Gallery, Sacramento, California
Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Figurative Show, Seattle, Washington
Wrong Biennale, Techspressionism and Devotion Pavilions, Digital Festival
2020             Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California
Santa Clara University, To Hear and Be Heard, Santa Clara, California
O'Hanlon center for Art, Women Making Their Mark, Mill Valley, California
Patricia Rovzar Gallery and Gail Severn Gallery, Gatherings Box Project, Seattle, Washington and Sun Valley, Idaho
Whitney Modern Gallery, 31 Women, Los Gatos, California
2019             Triton Museum Of Art, Santa Clara, California
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art "Glitch Art show", Los Angeles, California
Cumberland Gallery, Closing Exhibition, Nashville, Tennessee
2018 Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, "No Dead Artists", New Orleans, Louisiana
Smith Andersen Gallery & PhotoAlliance, Bay Area Currents, San Anselmo, California
Slate Gallery, "Being Seen", Oakland, California
2016 Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, California
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, “Electron Salon”, Los Angeles, California
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, TeXtMe, Santa Ana, California
Visual Arts Alliance, Houston, Texas
Black Box Gallery, Narrative – People, Places, and Things, Portland, Oregon
2015 Laguna Art Museum, “Palette to Palate”, Laguna Beach, California
Kim Foster Gallery, “Heavy/Lite”, New York, New York
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, ‘Electron Salon’, Los Angeles, California
2012 Peninsula Museum of Art, Visions and Visionaries, Belmont, California
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, curated by Peter Frank, Los Angeles, California
Monmouth Museum, Photography, Lincroft, New Jersey
Triton Museum, California Photography, (Juror, Brian Taylor), Santa Clara, California
Rarity Gallery, Salon Show, Mykonos, Greece
2011 Orange County Contemporary Art Center, “Deep”, Curated by Grace Kook Anderson, Santa Ana, California
Performance Art Institute, Curated by Hanna Regev, “Surveillance”, San Francisco, California
2010 Kim Foster Gallery, “Anonymous” curated by Dominick Lombardi, New York, New York
Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York
2009 Axiom Gallery, Riders on the Train Project, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University, “New Media”, Santa Clara, California
2008 Islip Museum of Art, “Text Messaging”, Long Island, New York
2007 Ft. Collins Museum Of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, Colorado
2006 Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York
University of Wisconsin, “SuperVision”, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
LewAllen Contemporary, “Diptych “ exhibition, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2004 Reversing Vandalism, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, California
2005 Kidder Smith Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
2003 Greenwood/Chebithes Gallery (Inaugural exhibition), Laguna Beach, California
Center for Photographic Art, juried by Tim Wride and Barbara Sinsheimer, Carmel, California
2002 Jan Baum Gallery, “Figure It Out”, Los Angeles, California
2001 Diane Nelson Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California
2000 Crocker Museum of Art, Crocker-Kingsley 72st Biennial Exhibition, Sacramento, California
Triton Museum, Shenson Gallery, “Bittersweet Legacy”, Santa Clara, California
Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington
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Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1998 Crocker Museum of Art, Crocker-Kingsley 71st Biennial Exhibition, Sacramento, California
San Francisco Art Commission Galleries, San Francisco, California
Stanford University, Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford, California
1997 Triton Museum, Santa Clara, California
The National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C.
Lisa Parker Fine Art, New York, New York
Pacific Rim Sculptors Exhibition, San Francisco, California
1996 University of Judaism, Platt Gallery, Los Angeles, California
The National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C.
Joy Horwich Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1995 Exploring a Movement: Feminist Visions in Clay, Downey Museum, Downey, California
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Artist Statement

Missing Pieces of the Puzzle Series

In this series I am having puzzles made from my own photo images, and combining them with oil paint, some text, and resin surface on wood panels. Some sections of the puzzle are left out and I paint the negative spaces with oils.

Especially since Covid 19 people have felt things missing from their lives, whether it's missed opportunities, seeing family and friends, traveling, eating in restaurants, etc.

It has been pretty much a universal missing of things that were once familiar and ordinary that we just took for granted.

My work represents our search for finding missing pieces in our lives, or in the world, and the realization that not everything can be found and resolved.

We need to find the acceptance and serenity in what is not there, and know that the missing parts could be open spaces for something new to enter.


Identity and Perception - Urban City series with Narrative Text 

Pushing traditional boundaries of oil painting, photography, and narrative text, I have combined them to create a unique hybrid that confronts today's individual and societal issues so rampant in our fast-paced, impersonal metropolitan areas: alienation, loneliness, loss of identity, history, memory, self-image, and how others view us.

My mixed media, photo-based work originates from photographs I have taken on city streets in New York, Paris, Milan, and in iconic buildings such as Grand Central Terminal and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. These are one-of-a-kind works on wood panels, (not photo editions), and all of the color is hand-painted with oils.

I began writing text over some of the figures in my photos as a way to personalize or individualize them, and make them stand out from the crowd. These brief narratives about the people are from my imagination, based solely on their appearance or stance. By using text in my work, it adds another layer, and gives the viewer a chance to “experience” the artwork, and become part of the process by reading it.

I superimpose these ”biographies” on top of the individuals, almost as if they are wearing their stories like an article of clothing. I give a little bit of fictional history about the person; where they are from, their age, what they do, their hopes, their dreams and aspirations, and often something embarrassing or personal that they would rather not have revealed. The figures are often caught in movement, conveying our individual journeys, where we are all "collectively alone".

I see a connection between photography and history, sometimes combining vintage B&W photos with my contemporary shots, and incorporating ‘ghost-like apparitions’. These figures represent the passage of time – all the people that have been in the exact same place but at a different moment. We are all connected in this time continuum, even if we aren’t aware of it. My work embraces the contemporary non-linear view of time with its randomness, spontaneity, and chance occurrences.

The concept of juxtaposing the past and the present, has led to my interest in photographing people among the ancient sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum, including giving anthropomorphic qualities to the sculptures themselves.

In my work the documentary nature of the B&W photograph merges with the painterly qualities of oil, establishing a dialogue between the two. I mount my black & white images on top of 2” deep wood panels, and hand paint them with numerous layers of oil glazes to build up the color. The final surface has a glossy UV resin coating so the viewer can see their own reflection, and become ‘part’ of the photo-based work.


Photography - Movement Interrupted series

It seems that we are in a difficult period in our history, where things are disintegrating and falling apart, which is what my work reflects. At the same time I try to see the beauty and hopefulness in the uncertainty.

I am embracing chance, serendipity and random occurrences as the basis of this current photography series called "Digital Distortion/ Movement Interrupted". I'm 'capturing' images off of a TV screen, intentionally waiting to photograph when the screen becomes 'pixelated' and fragmented due to uneven reception.

By harnessing the visual effects of data corruption for aesthetic purposes, I am allowing fortuitous glitches to create the images that I am photographing, rather than using any app, algorithm or Photoshop. I only crop the images.

This puts me "in the moment" of a dance between the subject on the TV screen pixelating, and me being there to capture that split second in a photograph before it vanishes forever. This process is experiential, creating images that are fluid, authentic, and could not happen by planning.

The images appear for just a moment and become deconstructed, stretching the colors, lines, and shapes into a new format, from recognizable to almost abstract. The squares that arbitrarily appear on the image represent to me how our technological world interacts with, and effects people and the environment itself.

This method of working is exciting because it is almost like magic, where the TV is 'channeling' these shots and I am surrendering control, and being open to the possibilities of the universe entering the picture.

They are printed as Dye Sublimation on Metal in small editions. I've chosen to use metal rather than printing on paper because the metal substrate shines through the surface, adding another visual layer of depth. The industrial feel of the metal works well with contemporary digital technology and the glitches that occur. As light hits the image from different angles, the photo ignites, almost as if it were lit from behind.


Surveillance Series

Surveillance now occurs as a routine part of our daily lives. In this series I am using both downloaded photos from public Internet Webcams in different parts of the world, and images from airport x-ray screening machines as the sources for my photo-based oil paintings and suitcase installation.

I see surveillance simply as a fact of our current times, and in viewing these public Webcams on the Internet, I realized that surveillance cameras have taken on another unexpected purpose. They have become the historians of our contemporary era. They capture us in our everyday lives, going about our business, usually unaware that we are being observed. Never before in history have we been so documented. I have found it fascinating to utilize these images within a fine art context, regardless of what their political implications might be.

Occasionally a person does see the Webcam mounted on a building, and waves or holds up a sign in a vain effort to connect with somebody out in the world. This brings up underlying issues of loneliness and alienation in our society, where we are "collectively alone". Often our only interaction is through the Internet, rather than face to face. At any time of the day or night, we can watch and capture images of people anywhere in the world. We can be "somewhere" without leaving the comfort of our own living room. This creates an undeniable feeling of voyeurism, which in its own way helps to establish a kind of anonymous connection with the rest of humanity.

The other part of this series involves images that I photographed off of airport screening machines that show the contents of suitcases, much like seeing an x-ray of our bodies. The usual paraphernalia, shoes, umbrellas, and eyeglasses can be seen, but I decided to "enhance" these images with the addition of more ominous items, such as guns, bombs, firecrackers, scissors, and liquid filled bottles. This was done partly tongue-in-cheek, but also because these items directly relate to our present day fears of what we imagine might be lurking in someone's bags. In the past we never gave much thought to our carry-on luggage, but things have changed whether we want to admit it or not.